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NeoTap, Life Saving App.

Tap4Life is a nonprofit organization developing comprehensive smartphone and iPad applications that improve performance in the immediate care of sick newborns in both low- and high-resource settings.

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Doctors taking care of a neonate with the help of NeoTap

Kampala, Uganda

Why it’s important

Birth asphyxia is the third leading cause of neonatal death causing approximately 1-2 million deaths each year, 96% of them in low and middle-income countries.

“Successful resuscitation could prevent a large proportion of these deaths and improve the outcomes of neonates surviving asphyxia.”

What it does​

NeoTap is a low-cost, rapid and accurate alternative method for monitoring HR during neonatal resuscitation. It uses a screen-tapping-method to give health staff the newborns heart and breathing rate. No probes need to be attached to the baby. The Tap4Life team and other teams have performed studies to show the methods accuracy.

FAST: Heart Rate Registration within 15 seconds
VISUAL: Color-coded, Visual time progress bar
EDUCATIONAL: Tutorials on Neonatal Resuscitation and Post-natal Care
COMPREHENSIVE: Gives support before birth, during resuscitation and during the post-natal period

Awards, Prices and Grants

Tap4Life has been named among the 2015 Nominet Trust 100 (NT100) – a global celebration of the 100 most inspiring uses of digital technology for social good.
Finalist 2015 Saving Lives At Birth- a Grand Challenge for Development.
USAID, Bill and melinda gates foundation, Government of Norway, GranD CHallenges canada, DFID, KOICA
50 000 USD grant from Swedish Patient Insurance 2015 for the development of NeoTap HLR for Swedish delivery units.
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