Life Saving Apps


NeoTapLS- life support- is for health staff delivering babies and performing neonatal resuscitation in both high- and low income countries. Our aim is to improve adherence to guidelines, decrease risk of asphyxia and improve registration and decision-making at the time around birth. NeoTapLS has a color-coded interface that keeps track of time/Apgar and assists the user in a simple step-by-step approach by voice and imaging guidance while pacing the ventilation rhythm and providing heart rate data by tapping the screen of the phone. An integrated checklist permits identification of danger signs. Tutorials teaches the user about the cornerstones of neonatal resuscitation. The interface is designed to be visible even if a latex glove protects the phone. Health workers today carry their own mobile devices also in low resource settings. Global multi-platform download could make Tap4Life available for free and help save lives even in the most remote and ill-equipped areas.

Monitoring equipment for newborn including pulsoximeters and APGAR timers are costly and ill adapted for use in low-income settings. No device pacing the ventilation rhythm exits on the market today. Posters highlighting the essential steps of resuscitation are not giving enough guidance, and are rarely used during resuscitation. Tap4Life integrates the essential information needed in newborn resuscitation in midwifes own mobile phone and necessitates no probes to be attached to the baby.