NeoTapHLR is a project to create an advanced mHealth android/IOS platform for high end users performing newborn resuscitation in Sweden. A first prototyp was developed with a grant from SLL innovation in 2014. The system will be integrated in a national on-line training curriculum with the objective to improve adherence to neonatal resuscitation guidelines. Doctors and midwifes will have access to the software on their smartphone or on tablets linked to the resuscitation area. The resuscitation team will have access to a number of unique innovative feature:

  • Apgar Timer with reminder chimes.
  • Visual progress bar in all views.
  • Automated APGAR score calculation.
  • Heart Rate registration within 10-15 seconds after birth.
  • Breathing Rate
  • Optional visual/acoustic NeoPacer to optimise ventilation frequency.
  • Logg book interface for one-touch registration of critical events during resuscitation.[gap size=”50px”]nt950_2