Tobias Alfvén


Tobias Alfvén works as senior researcher in Global Health at the Department of Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet and as a pediatrician at Sachs’ children and youth hospital in Stockholm.

Tobias is a medical doctor, with a PhD in Epidemiology and a BSc in Business Administration and Political Science.  He has for the last 15 years combined research, teaching, clinical medicine in pediatrics and work for the United Nations both in the field and at HQ. Among many responsibilities when working for UNAIDS in Geneva he was representing the organization in the UN expert group on the Millennium Development Goals.  He has worked and done research in Asia, Africa and Europe, and is currently involved in projects in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia Sweden, Uganda and Vietnam.

At the Department of Public Health at the Karolinska Institutet he is chairing the Maternal & Child and Clinical Care group in the Global Health – Health Systems and Policy group. At Sachs’ children and youth hospital he is leading Global Pediatrics, responsible for work related to Global health at the clinic. Further he is the Chair of the Swedish Society of Medicine´s Committee of Global Health and is a Board member of the Section for Global Health, Swedish Paediatric Society.

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